Thursday, August 29, 2013

KKK engages in lame dialog on Facebook

And Grace Marian "likes" it.  Ew.
A Message to the PDX Radio Community
Hello. This is FREE SPEECH. We wish to inform the public of a cancer growing in the Portland metro area in the community radio scene, nurtured by the organization known as KBOO radio. For years KBOO has been a community resource allowing ordinary people to learn how radio works and let their voice b...
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  • Committee to Keep KBOO as KBOO OFS looks like another new page made strictly to target the keepers.
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  • Operation Free Speech Compared to your KKK and SaveKBOO , both fronts for the secret group that controls KBOO. But nice to finally see dialog. You people demand "transparency" and "free speech" but run away from it like the plague!
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  • Operation Free Speech "another new page made strictly to target the keepers." Break out of the brainwashing. There are no "keepers". There were never any "keepers". That's propaganda to scare you into keeping(ironic!) the Inner Party in control. For a bunch of radicals, you sure sound like sheep. KBOO is a non profit corporation that serves and answers to the PUBLIC. Ani and Theresa are lying if they're saying KBOO answers to the members.
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  • Operation Free Speech It's so lulzy that Grace Marian "liked" this. Nice she's taking a break from alienating potential new members at Blue Oregon.
    Recently licensed mental health councilor and full time mental patient, Gracie h...See more
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