Thursday, August 29, 2013

Operation FREE SPEECH Deleted from Portland Indymedia

We just received the bad news:  this link is 404'd:

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Those are some scared bees....

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 26.Aug.2013 19:30

alternative media


KBOO really should have expected this

Hello. This is FREE SPEECH.

We wish to inform the public of a cancer growing in the Portland metro area in the community radio scene, nurtured by the organization known as KBOO radio. For years KBOO has been a community resource allowing ordinary people to learn how radio works and let their voice be heard. We are sad to inform the public this non profit institution, created to serve the public, has been hijacked by a small oligarchy, exploiting the brand of KBOO community radio for their personal agenda.

This is unacceptable.

When objections were voiced this year about this small controlling party, their response was a cocktail of destructive, abusive and illegal behaviors, culminating in an attempt to obtain information from dissenting members using an illegal phishing scheme. This level of vindictive pathology is more akin to the defensive maneuvers of a destructive cult than a community radio station that espouses the values of social justice and free speech. Therefore we have decided to expose this cancer so these vampires cannot continue to make their living at the public's expense.

As the station heads towards bankruptcy, a renewed effort to hide facts to keep the money flowing has motivated the controlling party to convince people talking about problems in a progressively irrelevant cocoon is the same as solving those problems. By giving people the illusion of doing something, it has lulled the alternative community into believing their voice is being heard when in fact their voices are being redirected into an echo chamber with no chance of effecting change in the real world in a meaningful way.

Soliciting financial donations under these deceptive and fraudulent. We hope in exposing the rot that has infected this public community resource, the public may reclaim control of the KBOO community station.

We may not succeed. KBOO's time in community radio may be over and, if this is true, we will let the sun set gracefully on this chapter of alternative radio history.

But even so the task remains to drive out the micro cult that has hijacked KBOO using radical rhetoric to mask a private agenda of exploitation, control and abuse. The controlling Party and their supporters must be prevented from exploiting other progressive organizations. If this is not done, more people will be sucked into the orbit of these personalities and the toxic pseudo alternative culture used to recruit more victims of their propaganda.

Transparency is a two way street

Knowledge is free.

Thank you for listening

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